The Royal House of Bourbon-Condé was founded around 1546 by Louis I, Prince of Condé. In 1830, the house became extinct through patrilineal line after the execution of Louis Henri II, Prince of Condé and was from that point classified as an extinct noble house. In 2020, Sem Yoram, Prince of Condé formally re-established the House of Bourbon-Condé. 

The current Prince of Condé was born through the matrilineal line instead of the patrilineal line which is usually considered controversial when making a claim to titles through the matrilineal line and from a royal house that has been “extinct” for 190 years.

“I don’t care what others think about me being born through the matrilineal line. I care more about family history than about titles, status and fame. I make a claim to them because they’re part of the family history and need to be preserved.”

– Sem Yoram, Prince of Condé (2020)

The House of Bourbon-Condé went “extinct” in 1830 after the death of Louis Henri II, Duke of Bourbon and the title “Prince of Condé” with the death of Louis d’Orléans, Prince of Condé from the House of Orléans in 1866. Sem Yoram, Prince of Condé re-established the House of Bourbon-Condé in 2020, which is now known as the third creation.

The current Prince of Condé changed the official name of the house from “The Most Serene House of Bourbon-Condé” to its current name “The Royal House of Bourbon-Condé” since the last members of the house were addressed as “His/Her Royal Highness”. The Prince of Condé also abolished the traditional agnatic succession system. As of October 1, 2020 the House officially adopted the so called absolute primogeniture system (also known as equal primogeniture), which means that all the titles can be inherited by the oldest child regardless of gender.