Château de Condé

Château de Condé was the residence of François de Bourbon, the ancestor of all the kings of France since Henry IV, the first Prince of Condé and all their descendants. Louis I, Prince of Condé inherited the land of Condé after the death of his uncle in 1556.

Palais Bourbon

The palace was originally built for Louise Françoise de Bourbon, the Duchess of Bourbon, the wife of Louis III, Prince of Condé, and Louis XIV’s legitimized daughter. The construction started in 1722 and was the main residence of the Condés after it was completed.

Château de Chantilly

This was the residence of the Grand Condé during his exile from the court, and the host of a party in honor of King Louis XIV of France in 1671. It was confiscated during the French Revolution and was eventually taken by King Louis Philippe of France, who gave it to his youngest son, Henri d’Orléans, Duc d’Aumale.

Hôtel de Condé

From 1612 to 1764/70, the Hôtel de Condé was the main Paris seat of the Princes of Condé. The hôtel gave its name to the present rue de Condé, on which its forecourt faced. In the former gardens of the hôtel, the Théâtre de l’Odéon was built between 1779 and 1782.